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Missionary Educators’ Summit

Fort Lauderdale, Florida August 16-17, 2004

Dialogue Worksheets Group 6


  • Limited income causing problem of purchasing

  • Limited availability of books

  • Orienting the students on where to purchase the books that are availability

  • Different levels of the books

Definition of the problem: There is a lack of affordable, accessible Pentecostal and other textbooks and library books at different educational levels.

Ideas (Brainstorming):

  1. Technology must be a part of the answer – downloading from the internet

  2. Not everyone has computers

  3. Print materials onsite much as Cuba is doing

  4. Must be done in local languages

  5. One site to do cheap publishing

  6. Reproduce or create & place in libraries for student use

  7. Copyright violation problems

  8. On-demand printing (part of our future)

  9. Open source writing culture among missionaries and nationals for training

  10. Life Publishers can do short runs on demand if you have a book you are willing to sacrifice

  11. Downside of photocopying a book is students get idea of inferiority of our product

  12. School can buy up textbooks and students check them out for a time

  13. School can incorporate cost of the textbook into the cost of the tuition

  14. Subsidized textbooks

  15. Publishers will allow you to scan a book (w/permission) if they know it doesn’t exist in your country…then you can sell at cost

  16. Digital libraries

  17. Make anthologies of CONOZCA articles

  18. Ask missionaries what they need exactly

  19. Need a list of good websites

  20. Africa Theological Library Services

  21. National church initiative is crucial

  22. Encourage national writers through writer seminars

  23. Install internet access at the Bible school library


1. Orient educators and students about how to access internet resources.

a. Get SEC & CRA and similar ministries to inform educators about internet and/or other resources.

b. Include a course in computer technology in Plan Basico.

c. Encourage FACULTAD & ISUM to include training in technological resources.

d. Develop an educators’ electronic resource center: chat room and/or blog, bulletin board.

e. Develop a listserve so that cool stuff can be shared among educators.

2. Promote the acquisition of equipment for, or adoption of, on site/demand printing in each country in as many places as may be feasible.

a. Encourage ICI office to move ahead on setting up its office.

b. Access Speed the Light funds for purchasing printing equipment for Bible schools.

c. Explore national public means of reproduction of materials.

d. Make missionaries more aware of LALS.

3. Recommend the acquisition of textbook stocks that can be rented or borrowed from the schools.

a. Encourage auxiliary groups within the local church to sponsor/provide textbooks.

b. Encourage local churches to donate books to institute libraries.

4. Reinvigorate the culture of Pentecostal writing among missionaries and nationals and encourage an open source copyright-free policy.

a. Request SEC reinstitute the writers’ workshop.

b. Revive CONOZCA.

c. Develop a website for e-publishing A/G writing.

Pitfalls to be avoided include:

  1. Avoid starting a new “Vida.”

  2. Don’t oversubsidize with U.S. funds.

  3. Don’t forget to pray.

The following can best provide leadership to further development and implement this plan: SEC (Spanish), CRA, FACULTAD, ISUM, Global, STL, CST (Caribbean), LALS, and National Churches.

The missionary’s involvement should be as a liaison between the above mentioned ministries and the national church.

The plan should be implemented as soon as possible, with a major progress within the next two years.