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January 2010 Dave Godzwa Rethinking the Task of Teaching
November 2009 Lewis McCown Changes and Challenges for Caribbean School of Theology
September 2009 Gayle Grisbee World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education
August 2009 Gary Wornica A Missionary Mistake?
July 2009 Rod Boyd Incredibly Fulfilling Moments in Ministerial Training
May 2009 Dick Nicholson What Does it Mean to Be a Teacher?
April 2009 Rocky Grams Tech Savvy, Sensitive and Lonely (Connecting with Post Moderns)
March 2009 Mike Shields The Educator Preacher: an Oxymoron?
February 2009 Jim Mazurek Peter's Principle: OT False Prophet = NT False Teacher
January 2009 Larry McNeill Getting a Handle on a Miracle
December 2008 Jim Billings Missionaries and ISUM
November 2008 David Swafford A New 21st Century Multilingual Discipleship Tool
October 2008 Gary Wornica One Student, One Story
September 2008 Gayle Grisbee Latin America Theological Association
August 2008 Rocky Grams Write the Vision
June 2008 Judy Graner Introducing Faith and Action Series
May 2008 Rod Boyd What Is CTN and Is it Worth $30 per Month?
March 2008 MonaRe Shields Why Do I Teach?
February 2008 Jim Mazurek Biblical Illiteracy
January 2008 Larry McNeill Moral Intelligence
December 2007 Lewis McCown Let's Connect... to Online Resources
November 2007 Jim Billings Book Review: Good to Great
October 2007 Mark Lemos New Distance Education Curriculum
September 2007 Gary Wornica Missionaries Training Missionaries
August 2007 Judy Graner Book Review: Darwin's Black Box
July 2007 Dick Nicholson Why is ministerial training important in LAC?
June 2007 Rod Boyd Report on 2007 International Bible School Dialogue