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Centrality and accessibility of our schools

Continuity of the teaching staff with ongoing training

User friendly campus with good signage



Promote the school

Use of District Council with booths, brochures, posters

TV and Radio spots

Youth Rallies

MAPS Teams from the U.S. to help in construction



Turn-over of staff breaks momentum in class enthusiasm

Schedules can be too demanding by working students too much

Location can be in a place that is hard to get to



G-12 and Apostolic Movements

Crime on the streets, bad location


Plan of Action

Maximize use of facility in course offerings or conference

Youth ministry, women’s events

Improve Student services – make the school more attractive

Use incentives like a free book if another student comes to register

Flexible schedules for study

Use the website to promote and recruit

Avoid volunteer staff (you get what you pay for)

Build a low maintence facility

Teacher training should be ongoing

Use self-evaluations and internal studies

Address theological error immediately to avoid major controversy later

Find a way to secure the campus, use of better locks, walls and gates


(Report by Lewis McCown)

Sponsor educational events in conjunction with ISUM or CST Seminars

Use topics like Family Counseling, HIV AIDS, Youth Ministry

Give a certificate for completion of the workshop or seminar