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Access to U.S. Churches, access to libraries. 

An increased awareness of internet resources. 



Limited access to internet, lack of equipment.



Paternalistic attitudes toward the national church.

Dependency by the national church

A need for more qualified teachers, a lack of training

Teachers are a human resource that can be lost by underutilization



A new generation of tech saavy students

Under-utilized facilities: could rent out for other events or to other groups for revenue

U.S. teams could come and help build



Lower enrollment due to G-12 or Apostolic Movement

Literature that is written against the Bible School


Plan of Action: 

Work to develop the libraries

Train the teachers with a plan to develop our human resources

Integrate more technology in the classroom and the library

Video projectors and good equipment in the classroom

Teachers are trained in the use of new technology that doesnít substitute the teacher

Properly train students the use of search resources

Allocate resources to reduce dependency on the missionary and U.S. funding

Promote to recruit more students

If the building is underused, market the building for revenue


Resources Available


Bibliotecca Academica Bilingue

Bibliotecca Pastoral

(Jim Billings is making these available)


Fe y Accion Series

Faith and Action Series is a curriculum of 44 books to train pastors and lay workers.

There are 12 books completed in English and 8 translated and printed in Spanish

Teachers guides and supplemental DVDís are available

We are working with SEC so the series conforms to Plan Basico

Each course is available on CD for local printing, students buy books for $3 to $5 each

Faith and Action books are Pentecostal, practical and easy to relate to accreditation.


Working closely with SEC, trying to integrate it with the Plan Basico.

It takes a thousand to 1500 hours to write a book

Ė we donít want to invest our lives in books no one wants to use

We need feedback: help us improve.  We look to improve our cross-culture relevance

Books are also available in English and Spanish (and many other languages!)