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Missionary Educators’ Summit
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
August 16-17, 2004

Dialogue Worksheets
Group 7

Step One: Definition (25 words or less)

Seeing the need for education for pastors in every sense of the word, be that completing their high school degree, Bible school, or continuing studies the problem is how to motivate and entice them to see the need for education, formal and informal in whatever level they find themselves.

What steps need to be followed to implement the ideas to resolve the issue?

  • Survey pastors to discover their level of education

  • What are perceived needs

  • What are their felt needs

  • Talk to officials about the results and discuss how to address these needs

What are formal ways?

  • Bible school

  • Global: church service

  • ISUM

  • Facultad

  • Pastor seminars, IETE, retreats

  • Short term classes; Intensive

  • Extension schools

  • Night schools/ Saturday schools

What are informal methods?

  • Modeling

  • Mentoring

  • Literature: bookclubs, talk about books you are reading, sharing books

  • Bible Studies

  • Personal testimonies ie like president of CELAD

Are there pitfalls to be avoided?

  • Difficulty in obtaining data

  • Costs: Monetary and personnel

  • Hurt feelings in obtaining information we need (take names off survery)

  • By-passing church officials

  • Re-inventing the wheel

  • Competing instead of cooperating with existing programs

  • Lack of personnel to “push” the program

  • The FF not “buying into education”

Who can best provide leadership to further develop and implement the plan?

  • Ideally: National church

  • Realistically: Missionaries

Does it fall with the scope of an existing ministry?

  • Department of Education

  • Bible Schools

  • ISUM

  • Facultad

  • IBMM

  • Global

What should be the missionary involvement?

  • Present the need to the national church and partner with them.

What will be the schedule to implement the plan?

  1. Ideally: 6 month to one year for permission and survey

  2. One year to form a plan

  3. Two years to implement some phase of the plan

  4. Lifetime to encourage and facilitate education