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Missionary Educators’ Summit
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
August 16-17, 2004
Dialogue Worksheets
Group 3

Step 1: Definition (Describe the issue)  What is the issue, problem, concern, challenge, etc.? Summarize it in 25 words or less

  • Original:  How to recruit/motivate missionaries and nationals to become effective educators of Biblical doctrines and how can we help the national church to empower Spirit-filled, academically prepared Bible Institute teachers?
  • Re-statement:  How does one recruit and motivate academically prepared spirit-filled nationals and missionaries to effectively teach in the Bible School?

Step 2: Ideas (Brainstorming—use the back side if needed)  How can the issue be addressed, resolved, developed, etc.? This is a time for brainstorming.  Avoid the temptation to evaluate or dismiss ideas during this step.

  • Encourage all ministers to be aware of need for teachers thru publications and district announcements. Meetings and publications – promotion letters, pamphlets, etc.
  • Promote bible school and its level of importance in the local church
  • Recruiting presupposes a set of standards
  • Solicit help from the national church – making a list of pastors and leaders who are available and prepared to teach in the bible school – both spiritually and academically – a list.
  • A need for an educator type who represents as an AD – in other words an AD who knows education.
  • In the missionary selection and promotion process that there be representation for education thru AD’s, etc. – pursuing missionary educators
  • Workshops, seminars – teacher improvement
  • Tour of Bible school students ministering to churches to promote schools
  • Preach on the call – you are called to go teach too. Also the call to go to Bible school
  • Setting standards for choosing teachers
  • A plan for Bible schools and national churches to promote seminars on the Holy Spirit – emphasis
  • Measurement and evaluation must be a part of the process – student evaluation form – for improvement
  • We must set High standards for our teachers – in Guiana it is an honor to teach in the Bible school
  • Give honorarium, salary, something – a workman is worth his hire – something
  • Must have teacher workshops and teacher improvement opportunities
  • Providing newer resources for the teachers – especially for nationals who often do not have access to all the books that missionaries may have
  • Part of our recruiting is selecting and mentoring students who can become the kind of teachers we want
  • Award banquets, field trips to other institutions of higher learning, expanding horizons of teachers
  • Give honor where honor is due thru banquets
  • Missionaries should submit and or place teachers in publications that would honor them
  • Give teachers a book or something that advances their preparedness – honoring them for there service. A gift.
  • Getting executive leaders to teach and show importance of the Bible schools and teaching.  National church leaders teaching in bible school.
  • Missionaries need to be modeling – setting the standards high and helping the national teachers meet the goals – even showing how to write a test, make lesson plan, syllabus, etc.
  • Preparing for teachers a folder with sample tests, syllabus, notes, etc that can show teachers what they need to do.
  • Alumni associations

Step 3: Strategy (Plan of Action) 

What steps need to be followed to resolve the issue?

I. Promotion – awareness of need for teachers.

II. Teacher Selection

a. Select bible school committee

b. Setting standards and guidelines for teachers

c. Make a list of potential qualified teachers

d. Giving teacher Assignments.

III. Teacher Development

a. Teacher Resource folders

i. Sample syllabus

ii. Sample Tests

iii. Books, websites, etc.

b. Teacher Orientation

c. Teacher Workshops, Seminars

d. Teacher Evaluation

e. Teacher Acknowledgement - Recognition

What is the best way to proceed?

  1. Express need to national church and field fellowship for teachers
  2. Selection of bible school committee
  3. Committee to set guidelines for teachers-spiritually and academically
  4. Formulate list of qualified teachers
  5. Committee to select teachers and alternates (6 months advance notice)
  6. Director contacts each teacher giving resource packet
  7. Teacher Orientation
  8. Ongoing faculty meetings, Teacher workshops, Teacher encouragement.
  9. Teacher Evaluations (low threat)
  10. Encourage teachers to be involved in continuing personal education.
  11. Give teacher recognition

Are there pitfalls to be avoided?

  1. Tendency of missionary to run ahead the national church. Lack of integration of Bible school with national church.
  2. Evaluation can be threatening or people may fear offending the brother.
  3. Overcharging means no one comes or undercharging means seeing no value for education.
  4. Comparing to a stateside model.
  5. Political appointments
  6. Placing so much emphasis on excellence – some who are called may be overlooked.

Step 4: Assignments (Leadership, Follow-up and Timetable) 

Who can best provide leadership to further develop and implement the plan?  National leaders with the help of the missionaries.

Does it fall with the scope of an existing ministry, especially the educational structure of the national church (e.g. SEC)?  Depends.

What should be the missionary involvement? How can the missionary best help?  Facilitator.

What will be the schedule to implement the plan?  It will be submissive to the current national church calendar.