Incredibly Fulfilling Moments in Ministerial Training (7/09)

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By Rod Boyd

Most of us have experienced the emotion of the anointing while preaching. They are very satisfying moments when we feel a special connection with the Holy Spirit and with those to whom we are ministering. We simply feel “effective” at these special times; recognizing that it is because the Spirit is flowing through us, using us for His purposes. I wonder if this is the same type of experience that Peter had on the mountain top when he witnessed the transfiguration.

We could be real spiritual and say that our ministry should always be on the mountain top. When was the last time you felt the anointing while driving a MAPS team to go souvenir shopping? Or trying to finish your first quarter report… in the third quarter? Or sitting in a presbytery meeting discussing two pastors who are bickering? Ministry is not always glorious. It is often ordinary and requires persistence. But ministry can also be extraordinary. Even though it shouldn’t depend upon these special moments, they sure do help!

I don’t think the anointing is limited to preaching. As teachers we also experience the same “rush” of emotion and satisfaction, connection and effectiveness. Actually, any ministry can and should have these experiences. We are discovering that teaching is much broader than we think. Ministerial training ranges from the traditional setting of teaching a class, to less formal training that can take the form of discipling, mentoring or coaching an individual or small group. Ministerial training is also leadership development, when we equip, encourage or guide a group of leaders to themselves become effective trainers.

I had one of these incredibly fulfilling moments in March. We were hosting the Educational Leaders Dialogue in Panama. Most of the national Christian education directors were present along with a couple of superintendents, SEC ministry leaders and some missionaries. We were privileged to have Osmany Cruz, Director of the Bible schools in Cuba. Most of the time, due to visa restrictions, our Cuban brothers are not able to attend these international events. But this time he was able to come.

During country reports, Osmany shared about the very large Bible school program in Cuba and how difficult it is to print and distribute teaching materials. God began to move upon different individuals. One of our superintendents committed to challenge the superintendents from all of the countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region to give an offering help purchase a truck to facilitate delivery of materials. One of our national Bible school directors raised an offering and presented it to Osmany at the end of the Dialogue and committed his country to help with printing and teaching materials.

The anointing of God was there… it was an incredibly fulfilling moment!

To think I’ve had two other moments since then! In April I was in Honduras teaching the first PROCEPA seminar. PROCEPA is a new teacher training certification program for Bible school teachers. Since it was introduced a year ago, we’ve had almost 1,000 teachers take at least one of the ten workshops required for certification. A few more than 100 teachers had signed up for the seminar in Honduras. We ended up with an attendance of 160! The anointing of God was there… it was an incredibly fulfilling moment!

In May, we had dinner with the superintendent from Guatemala. He talked with us about his own personal involvement in training pastors. He shared a recent experience of teaching an intensive seminar for one of the more remote sections in the country. He said there were about 60 pastors, workers and deacons that attended the classes. In addition to teaching a class, he also preached in the closing service, challenging each one to recognize and follow God’s call on his or her life. I was moved to hear him recount the dozens that responded—weeping before the Lord in sweet surrender! He said, “We’re planning the same event for all of our sections in 2010.” I asked him, how many? He said 108! The anointing of God was there… it was an incredibly fulfilling moment!

When we preach, teach, train, equip, disciple, mentor, coach or guide, we not only multiply our ministry, but we also influence and empower ministry in countless others. Could it be that our greatest calling as missionaries is to multiply ourselves and multiply ministry? May God open our eyes to recognize the impact we are having as we give ourselves to training. May God grant you a special anointing with many incredibly fulfilling moments!

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