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By Lewis McCown, Caribbean School of Theology

The theme for the June 10-12, 2008 ACLAME Summit to be held at the Bahia Mar in Ft. Lauderdale will be ďLetís Connect.Ē  Several related themes will be presented using a variety of methodologies.  These themes will include looking at ways to better connect through relationships with other missionary educators, with younger missionaries and with the national church.   Connecting education with need by being more relevant through the use of technology, curriculum, delivery systems and other resources will be discussed.  Overshadowing all of these subjects will be the constant reminder of the importance of connecting the Spirit to the intellect and to everything we do.

One of the ways that we as missionary educators can help is by connecting each other to internet sites that can provide ideas and information relevant to our work.  The idea of the ACLAME website is to be that resource that can do exactly that.  Starting this month I would like to encourage all of you visiting this website to post as many places that you have found helpful to you personally or as a missionary educator.  Please send your links to the ACLAME leadership team so they can be included on the website.

Here are a few websites I have found helpful or have gotten from friends and colleagues: 

I was put in contact with the librarian, Dr. Barry Hamilton, who is also a professor at Robertís Wesleyan Bible School and Seminary and he sent a whole truckload (18 wheeler) of helpful resources. Each of the following links lead to a new page of links to diverse resources.  Enjoy!