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By Gary Wornica

According to statistics from Misiones En Conjunto, the network of Assemblies of God missions departments in Latin America and Spain, led by missionary Brad Walz, 462 missionaries have been sent from national churches in LAC and Spain and are now working in 59 different countries of the world. There are also 330 missionaries from LAC and Spain that are working cross-culturally to reach indigenous people groups within their home countries. How did that happen?

The Holy Spirit recruited and the national church commissioned and trained! In El Salvador, the national missions committee recommended building a new structure on the Bible School property to serve both the needs of training El Salvadoran missionaries as well as the needs of the Bible School and conference.  Missionary DeLonn Rance not only directed the missionary training program but also led the construction project of C.A.M.A.D. of El Salvador (Centro de Adiestramiento Misionero de las Asambleas de Dios),

“Assemblies of God Missionary Training Center.”

C.A.M.A.D.’s objectives include training both career and short term missionaries, providing orientation to short-term missions teams, equipping professors of missions for local Bible Institutes, providing orientation to national missions promoters and equipping church leaders to assist in the development of missions in local churches. In conjunction with C.A.M.A.D. in El Salvador, the Institute for Islamic Studies for Latin America offers two intensive courses each summer. C.A.M.A.D. also offers courses with the Christian University of the Assemblies of God as part of their Licenciate in Theology, Missiology option.  If you would like an electronic copy of the Plan Básico de Misiones en Conjunto you can request it by emailing DeLonn Rance at deLonn.rance@agmd.org .

In Colombia, the national missions committee under the leadership of missionary David Woodworth started C.E.D.I. (Centro de Estudio para Desarrollo Internacional) “Study Center for International Development.” This is a one and a half year program with over one thousand hours of study in Missiology, Intercultural Communications, Linguistics/Language Learning, Interpersonal Relationships and English as a Second Language as well as a practicum.

Upon graduation, the certificate and title of Técnico en Comunicación Transcultural “a technical degree in Cross-Cultural Communication,” is granted by the Municipal Education Department.

In Mexico, the national missions committee chose Oaxaca City to be the location for their official missionary training program and asked missionary Gary Wornica to direct C.A.M.A.D. of Mexico. The Mexican Assemblies of God requires all aspiring missionary candidates to complete a 4 month residential study program followed by a 6 month cross-cultural ministry practicum among an Indigenous Mexican people group in the state of Oaxaca before they are allowed to apply for foreign missionary appointment.

These are just three of many exciting opportunities to train missionary candidates in LAC.  Why don’t you contact the national missions committee in your country to find out how you could step into the classroom and teach brand-new candidate missionaries?




C.A.M.A.D. Building in El Salvador


C.A.M.A.D. classroom in El Salvador


C.A.M.A.D. students in Mexico