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DARWIN'S BLACK BOX...  Reviewed by Judy Bartel Graner

Have you befriended a bright university student who believes in evolution?  Or, do you have a Bible School student who loves apologetics and could use excellent material regarding darwinian evolution?

Michael J. Behe´s book, "Darwin´s Black Box" is the tool that both need.  Dr. Behe is a biochemist who teaches at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.   In his book he argues persuasively from a natural science stance, that the biochemical "machines" (everything from DNA to complex cells) that rule all organic matter must have been designed either by God or "some other form of intelligence".  The complexity of their structure and the interdependence of their components deny happenstance.

Dr. Behe´s unique writing style makes the book attractive for both the knowledgeable scientist as well as the layman who doesn´t understand the technical scientific language of the biochemical world with its finely calibrated parts.  Each chapter has the scientific explanation in all its complexity, and then goes on to explain the concepts in simple terms, using familiar objects and themes.

The final and exciting conclusion is that the nineteenth century theory of evolution can no longer be rationally accommodated in the face of the amazing and wonderful discoveries of modern biochemistry.

Although the book is expensive, it is a worthy addition to any library especially that of an educator as well as the libraries of seminaries and Bible Schools.


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