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2021: ONLINE LEARNING AND VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS: Taking Advantage of Technology: Overcoming Obstacles in Higher Education

The State of Higher Education in the Wake of the Coronavirus The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the traditional paradigm of ministry settings around the world. The Latin American Caribbean region is no different. In the past months, churches have been busier than normal creating content that has nearly blown-up […]

Interview with Rich Ferguson

Miguel Morales interviews our new ACLAME Secretary, Rich Ferguson:    1. Tell us about you and your family. Wanda and I are both missionary kids who have returned to the mission field to fulfill the call God has upon our lives.  Wanda was born in Bolivia where her parents, Bruno […]

Why them and not us?

by Mike Shields, Director ISUM International It’s exciting to go to churches where fires of revival stoke great congregations. There’s energy and enthusiasm, intensity and intentionality. Revival can supercharge a ministry and advance spiritual gains explosively. If given a choice of good organization, a better building, more finances or Revival…most pastors […]

The Charismatic Missionary

By Dave Godzwa Following the 2017 Summit, ACLAME underwent a restructuring process to more adequately accomplish its mission of connecting and encouraging LAC missionaries as they disciple, teach, mentor, and train others for ministry.  As a part of that restructuring, the ACLAME Leadership Team listed the values that would guide our mission.  In […]

Thoughts on releasing workers for the harvest

At the second General Council of the Assemblies of God, the leaders of our fledgling movement committed the organization to “the greatest evangelism the world has evder seen.”[1]More than a century has passed since that declaration. The task before this generation is even greater than that envisioned by those founding […]

Friends of the Court: Christian Mission in Postmodern Societies

Jean-Francois Lyotard famously said, “Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as incredulity toward metanarratives.”[1] Our present postmodern age has jettisoned any story that pretends to explain the whole of reality, and chief among those metanarratives is Christianity.  Along with this rejection of anything that would impose a uniformity on our […]

A Journey of Values

A Journey of Values, by Rod Boyd The Servicio de Educación Cristiana– SEC (Christian Training Network – CTN) was formed in 1960 by Melvin Hodges, Regional Director for LAC.  At that strategic moment in history, each LAC country had at least one Bible school and those missionaries involved wisely saw […]

Practicing our Serve

  And Jesus called them to him and said to them, “You know that those who are considered rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them.  But it shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever […]

Missionary Formation

Missionary Formation , Jay Dickerson For the past several years the LAC leadership team has felt the need to improve the missionary formation for new workers approved to serve in the region. There was concern over the experience and education that the new workers possessed before their approval and the […]

Added Value

The turning of the calendar from one year to the next, brings with it the opportunity to reflect on the past as well as cast vision and set goals for the future. As it is with any individual so it has been for ACLAME as an organization. The 10 missionary […]

LAC/OARS Mentoring

LAC/OARS Mentoring by Don Cartledge, LAC mentoring coordinator & Jay Hostetler, director of Ministry Wave Coaching and Consulting for Ministry Leaders Long before the age of automobiles and superhighways, boats and rivers provided the main means of transportation. In choosing an analogy for the LAC mentoring program, rivers seem to […]

Our Own Recalibration

by David Godzwa Life lends itself to a certain routine. Nature has its seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Communities come together at prescribed dates to celebrate, to worship, and to remember. Individuals search for balance and productivity through rituals and habits. When things function well, there’s benefit. For the […]

Supernatural Discipleship

by Tara Kenyon As ministers, educators, and leaders, we frequently utilize the terms “mentoring” and “discipleship” somewhat interchangeably to describe the activity of sharing spiritual wisdom or information gleaned through study and experience. In secular contexts, mentoring describes the exchange of practical life information and situational wisdom. Mentoring may or […]

2017 ACLAME Summit Report

  Thirty missionaries, representing 10 countries, gathered together at the Doubletree Airport Hotel in Orlando, Florida from May 10th through the 12th to celebrate the 2017 Association of Caribbean and Latin America Missionary Educators (ACLAME) Summit. This year’s theme was “Recalibrate” with the goal of reassessing the state of ministerial formation […]

Paradigm Shift in Teaching

Paradigm Shift in Teaching by Murriell McCulley Rethinking our Teaching Teaching was an important activity of life throughout the Bible. If one makes a study of teaching in the Bible they easily discover that teaching was for living—it was to help the people know how they were to live. When […]

Renewing Community Values: An Immigrant Contribution to American Higher Education

Renewing Community Values: An Immigrant Contribution to American Higher Education By Joseph L. Castleberry, President, Northwest University An Excerpt from The New Pilgrims: How Immigrants are Renewing America’s Faith and Values (Worthy, 2015) Ilona Trofimovich does not look like an immigrant. With her fair skin, blonde hair, and perfect, Northwest-accented English […]

Teaching Cross-Culturally

As a brand new and very green missionary, having only recently arrived in the country of my calling after the typical 18 months of deputation and year of language school, I was anxious to jump with both feet into the ministry that God had called me to. Then, my area […]

Being Your Best in 2016

  by David Godzwa, ACLAME Chairperson We’re missionaries. That means we disciple; we model; we encourage, we persuade, and we counsel. As mentor, coach, teacher, or trainer, we expect the best from our students, ministry partners, and colleagues, but also from ourselves. To reach this objective, we’re aware that stagnation […]

Maintaining Good Health

  Maintaining Good Health By Rodney Boyd We just finished another itineration the end of June!  Only a missionary understands all the clearances that we must achieve before we’re allowed to return to our country of calling.  One of those clearances was being pronounced in “good health, able to serve […]

ACLAME Summit 2015 Report

by David Godzwa, ACLAME Chairperson   Forty-three missionaries, representing 12 countries participated in the 2015 ACLAME Summit, which took place May 19th-21st, at the GalleryOne Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, FL. ACLAME (Association of Latin America and Caribbean Missionary Educators) exists to connect and encourage LAC missionaries as they disciple, teach, […]

What is our focus?

by Rocky Grams What is our focus as missionary educators?  Is it merely survival?  Is it a “don’t rock the boat” goal of merely getting by, maintaining the status quo? Do we have a focus?   Does “Jack of all trades, master of none” apply to us?  Or in Spanish:  […]

The Need to Read

by Bill Shrader In March of 2012, author David Toscana wrote an Op-Ed piece for the New York Times, entitled “The Country that Stopped Reading.” It is an insightful indictment against the state of education in Mexico and a plea to read books. Toscana states, “The proportion of the Mexican […]

A Cause for Satisfaction

A Cause for Satisfaction by David Godzwa, Missionary to Mexico and ACLAME Chairperson I couldn’t help but smile as over 350 educators, missionaries and Mexicans alike, descended on Cancun for the “Cumbre Educativa 2013: Formación Ministerial Transgeneracional (Educational Summit 2013: Transgenerational Ministry Formation).” It took a coordinated international effort that […]

Teaching for Transferability

Teachers spend many hours planning lessons for the classroom. They make outlines, note main points and construct their lectures to be sure they “tell” the students all the important information assuming that the students will diligently take notes and learn the material. To determine if the students learn the material the teachers plan well written examinations. So what? After the exam what then? What becomes of the learning? Will the students remember the material? Should the students remember the material? What was the purpose for teaching? Whoever thinks about after the class—what then?

In Sync—2013 ACLAME Summit

AGWM Missionaries from the Latin America/ Caribbean region will be meeting together for the 2013 ACLAME Summit. The ACLAME Leadership Team invites you to attend! ACLAME, the Association of Caribbean and Latin American Missionary Educators, exists to connect and encourage LA/C missionaries as they disciple, teach, mentor and train others […]

The Debacle of Lot’s Daughters: Consequences of a Collapsed Worldview

A worldview is more than just seeing the world. It is the conceptual framework through which one views the world, no matter where the person who holds it has traveled or lived. When people do not have a coherent worldview, they compartmentalize their lives and separate their spiritual life from other elements of life. Even ministers of the Gospel can find themselves living one way at church and another way at home. A unified, coherent worldview ought to guide our thinking about all things.

“Live Dead”, “Global Initiative”, and ACLAME?

“Live Dead”? What does that mean? Global Initiative? UPG? What does the Arab World and East Africa have to do with ACLAME, or with me, an LAC missionary educator? Why would I, a Bible School teacher and professor of ISUM, want to look up these internet sites and study about teams going out to pioneer missions among those that have never heard of Jesus? Does God still call some to renounce their lives and go, no matter what the cost? In other words, to “Live Dead”? What does LAC have to do with missionaries that are willing to die for Jesus in lands where the church does not exist? What is my involvement with those who will go where “the conditions are harsh, fierce and lonely”?

The Shovel-Ready Kingdom

I just started teaching on the gifts of the Spirit. This week I walked my congregation through Romans 12:6-8, the gist of which could be summarized in the Nike slogan: “Just do it!” Someone commented the next day that what I really need for the congregation is a good cattle prod, but I seriously doubt that my church would tolerate that kind of motivation from its pastor.

But what will it take? The kingdom of God offers “shovel ready” opportunities for God’s people.

Teamwork, Education and Missionaries

Do you remember that little chorus that we learned in Sunday school?
When we all pull together, together, together,
When we all pull together how happy we’ll be!
For your work is my work and our work is God’s work,
When we all pull together how happy we’ll be!

TEAMWORK, according to Merriam Webster, is “work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.”

Willingness to Evaluate Your Teaching

We as educators throughout LAC are constantly giving examinations. Yet, do we ever think about doing a self-examination of ourselves as teachers? As we begin this New Year, we need to stop, think, and evaluate our own teaching methods. There are some key questions we can ask ourselves. How am I doing in connecting with students? Where is my concentration in teaching? What is my ultimate goal in teaching? What methods am I using? Are there visible outcomes?

The Changing Face of Ministerial Education

“Change in Latin American higher education is not optional;
the choice is to innovate or perish.”

The administrative offices of the AG University in San Salvador are more crowded than usual today.

I am here for two days of meetings with Dr. DeLonn Rance, Director of Intercultural Doctoral Studies and Chair of the Global Missions Department at AGTS. Also present is Dr. Randy Walls, Director of the External Studies Program at AGTS and two professional education evaluators from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), the body that accredits AGTS. University leaders present are: Fernando Vásquez, President; Bob Bueno, Chairman of the Board; Orlando Cámbara, Academic Dean; Oscar Durán, Dean of the Theology Department; and others.

Over 10 years in the making, we are on the verge of launching the first …

Word and Spirit

Those who know me well are aware of the fact that I love photography. Many of my students have given me the nickname “El Paparazzi,” since I’m often found with one (or more) of my faithful Nikon cameras hanging from my neck. I love shooting candid, spontaneous images that in one way or another capture the essence of a special moment. For me, beyond its beauty and symmetry, this image expresses very well what ministerial training should be all about… leading people into a deeper knowledge of God and His word, and consequently into a closer walk with Him. Ministerial formation is not just about sharing information and developing skillsets, important as those things are. It’s ultimately about helping people strengthen their relationship with God, so they can help others do the same.