All Assemblies of God missionaries assigned to the Latin America/ Caribbean region are considered members of the Association of Caribbean and Latin American Missionary Educators.  This is in keeping with our good missiology that affirms that by nature of being a missionary, each one will be involved in teaching, mentoring, discipleship and ministerial training and development.

The following missionary educators serve as members of the ACLAME Leadership Team:

Debbie Anderson
Rod Boyd
Gilbert Contreras
David Ellis
Rich Ferguson
David Godzwa
Paul Kazim
Allen Martin
Miguel Morales
Mike Peterson

Emails sent to arrive to all members of the leadership team.

With permission of the Latin America/ Caribbean Regional Office, ACLAME utilizes the LA/C email list to facilitate networking of Latin America/ Caribbean missionaries involved in educational ministries.  The email list will only be used to send the monthly ACLAME Email Bulletin.  If you would prefer to NOT receive the monthly bulletin, please send a blank email

Submissions to the website and to the Email Bulletin may be submitted to the ACLAME leadership team at