Google me this, Google me that, Google me a classroom with … CORONAVIRUS … What?!? Now what should I do?


We would like to present a tool that we hope will be of help to you as you continue to train and teach students across LAC and make disciples of those responding to the call to “come and follow me.” In a recent interview, Dr. Jon Dahlager talks about the benefits of using Google Classroom and explains the process for setting up a class. He also demonstrates some of the ways of using this tool. Google Classroom is useful for traditional in classroom learning and can help greatly for online studies, as well. Here is a link to the interview: Click Here

Dr. Jon Dahlager,
AGWM Costa Rica

Here is a link for a Google Classroom tutorial:

How to Use Google Classroom 2020:

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Here are a couple of links to articles about Google Classroom:

12 Benefits of Using Google Classroom by Shana Ramin:

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16 Pros and Cons of Using Google Classroom in eLearning by Christopher Pappas:

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– Your ACLAME Leadership Team