Why I am registering now for the ACLAME Summit



by David Godzwa

Ok. Let’s get the obvious reason out of the way right off the bat. As a member of the Leadership Team, it’s important for me to support ACLAME sponsored events. What kind of a team player would I be if I didn’t, right? Still, my rush to register goes beyond my personal sense of responsibility. As the New Year began, I had a chance to think about my personal and ministerial goals, and I’ve found that the upcoming Summit, “There’s an App for that,” to be held on May 19-21 in Ft. Lauderdale, packs the potential to facilitate those goals.

My wife, Kelly, and I seek to plant churches on the Yucatan peninsula, and we’ve stated our mission: to inspire, equip, partner, and implement. They are tasks that require that we give of ourselves, that we pass on to others what we have received for the benefit of the work. Still, as we seek to inspire others, from where will we derive inspiration? As we seek to equip, be it in a formal classroom setting or an informal mentoring relationship, how will we know if we’re being effective? What are some practical ways to create mutually affirming partnerships among fellow missionaries and national believers, and what resources and/or methods are available to successfully implement our vision?

Granted, inspiration can and should come from our time of personal devotion and prayer, and improvements can be made by making our own observations and application, but when we come together and share our collective experiences and insight the benefits can be exponential. That’s why I’m excited as I watch the elements of this Summit’s theme “Teaching, Technology, Tools, and Team” take shape.

The highlight of our time together will be the participation of Dr. Murriell McCulley. She’s a well known missionary to Africa. With a wealth of experience at all levels of ministerial formation, and advanced degrees in Christian Education and Educational Psychology, she’ll be on hand to help us evaluate our teaching role and provide solutions to help us improve our participation in this essential missionary task.  What’s more, her book, Principles of Teaching is included as a part of the registration price.

We’re excited to have our Regional Director, Dave Ellis, on hand to provide not only his perspective on the state of the work throughout Latin America, but also to inspire us to Lead, Advance, and Collaborate as part of the LA/C Region. He will be joined by others from around the region to provide fresh insight into our unique role as missionaries and our effect on those around us—important ideas to consider as we look to build effective teams!

By the way, it’s not called “There’s an App for That!” for nothing!  At the Summit, we’ll be discussing the latest resources to help us do our jobs better. Whether it’s a classroom resource, like Faith in Action, a presentation tool like Prezi, or a cloud-based organizational system like Office365, we’ve set aside time to look at these apps and provide space to let you share your favorites with the group. There’s even an app in development to help maximize your participation in the event itself.

All in all, I see the ACLAME Summit as an essential piece of my personal enrichment strategy in 2015, and I’m registering today to reserve my space among the participants. Won’t you join me?

Oh, did I forget to mention that there’s a $30 discount if you register before January 31st? Even more reason to register now!


3 Replies to “Why I am registering now for the ACLAME Summit”

  1. All events should be preceded by this type of article which motivates by clarifying the event title, content, and specific, enriching benefits including a discount! Thanks Dave!

  2. Thank you for the clarification on the invite. I am the spouse to Fred Sanchez appointed missionary to Guatemala. I do not have my Bachelors degree. My question is do I get any accredited credit for attending this conference? I had stopped attending college due to the rearing of my children, although through my employments I had to attend many classes which I have certificates for but not CEU’s. (I worked in the school system 14 years and also as an assistant chaplain for 5 years) continual education was a requirement and a benefit that they encouraged to be a lifetime learner. I am interested in attending I do have to ask my area director since I am in Guatemala now.
    Thank you for responding God’s blessing be upon you
    Terry Sanchez

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