In Sync—2013 ACLAME Summit

AGWM Missionaries from the Latin America/ Caribbean region will be meeting together for the 2013 ACLAME Summit. The ACLAME Leadership Team invites you to attend! ACLAME, the Association of Caribbean and Latin American Missionary Educators, exists to connect and encourage LA/C missionaries as they disciple, teach, mentor and train others for ministry. The Summit brings together dozens of AGWM missionaries who have TRAINING as their principal ministry, the third of four major ministry tasks: Reaching, Planting, TRAINING, Touching.

The 2013 ACLAME Summit will be at the Lakeview Conference Center out of Waxahachie. The Summit begins with dinner on Tuesday, April 30th and ends with a group activity on Thursday evening, May 2nd. Registration includes three nights lodging and meals through Friday morning, May 3rd. Pre-registration is $200 per person, double occupancy; $275 for single occupancy. Add $25 for registrations made and paid after March 15th. Transportation will be provided from DFW for those who need it. Additional information, including the complete schedule, is available on the website. Just click on the Summit graphic at the top of the page or on the link below. Also, you won’t want to miss out on the Bonus Seminar prior to the Summit which will deal with Online Education and will be held from April 29-30.


In Sync is the theme of the 2013 ACLAME Summit. The phrase “in sync” is short for synchronized, a compound word: syn—with or together with; and chrono—time. To synchronize literally means to happen at the same time. The origin of the shortened form “sync” can be traced back to 1929 when the first “talkies” (movies) were released. The meaning and use of the word has expanded to include the concepts like harmony, in unison and replication.

The pocket watch pictured in the Summit graphic reminds us of not only of “keeping time”, but also of the detail, diversity and precision involved in operating in sync. We’ve chosen four pivot points to consider during our time together, important areas that we need to keep in sync: Creator, Commission, Call and Community. We’ll consider some basic, yet important questions during the Summit:

• What does it mean to be “in time” or “in step” with the Spirit?
• Is training in Latin America and the Caribbean in harmony with the 21st century Great Commission?
• Are we “together with” Christ in what He has for LA/C and the world today?
• Do my call and ministry align with God’s priorities?
• How can we as individuals and a body contribute to the community of trainers in our country and in LA/C?
• Are we in sync, one with another as we seek to fulfill our individual roles in the LA/C community?

The ACLAME Leadership Team and other LA/C missionaries will be facilitating the Summit sessions for broad participation. We are praying that God will use our time together to encourage and strengthen our commitment and ministry to training others.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!

Note: For further information about the ACLAME Summit or to submit your registration today, visit the ACLAME Summit webpage. And don’t forget to join us for the Bonus Online Education Seminar from April 29-30!