The Missional Church and transformational education

In this month’s post, we are pleased to have guest contributor Virginia Contreras, missionary to Argentina, share an article she has written for the “Commission on Student Ministries”. Though longer than the usual posts on the ACLAME blog, we encourage you to take a few extra minutes to read this valuable content. In the article, Virginia deals with the problems currently facing students in Latin America and its impact on the church. Additionally, this paper was written with the purpose to awaken the Body of Christ in its mission and provide real transformational education for God’s glory and to extend His kingdom. Here are a few of the questions that are explored in this paper:

  • What can the church, as an agent of change, do about this problematic situation in education?
  • How can the church –with the giftedness of her people– contribute a solution?
  • How can university student ministries in Latin America be intentional in organizing and orchestrating a strategy to empower young people with the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and healthy communities to serve and finish well?
  • How can students at the same time be empowered with skills to succeed in their university studies so they a not part of the growing “generacion ni-ni”?

To read more about this fascinating topic and the helpful answers provided, you may download the full article in PDF format using the following link:

Download Article