Let's Connect... Renovation: STUDENTS

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Passionate about learning

Students come better prepared than before

Tech Savvy

Committed to the local church and leadership

Broad scope of involvement of lay people

Participation of older students.



Some come uncertain of call, fear obstacles by pastors

A lack of clarity in the dream

Some are too busy and can’t have the full experience of quality training

Lack of ethical training



Love for the Alma matter

Relationships among students by texting, cell phone

Interdenominational involvement of other students

Increased funding by outside sources

Ministerial teams



Influence of the internet

Pastors jealousy (my little Kingdom…and nothing else)

Loss of grads to other organizations and denominations


Plan of Action

Create devotional and ministry opportunities

Ministry proposal by students approved by administration to be presented to Pastors

Communication with the local pastors

Teach and preach the bigger picture of the Kingdom of God

Offer intensives for developing leadership skills

Contact possibilities for alumni to connect with the local Bible School

Work with students to define their call

Take students on errands, take them out to lunch, accompany them on ministry teams

Offer alumni the opportunity to come back free to courses

Allow Pastors 2 to 3 days on campus free for prayer and renewal