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A world wide constituency

CADSA and CELAD, along with SEC have national leadership

ATAL and Plan Basico

Integrated course plans

Missions Programs that send within our own continents

The ACLAME Fellowship influences



Elitism and separatism – each country wants to do things their own way

Nationalism and secularism – ideas that are not inherent to our traditions

Lack of development in the SEC and ATAL programs-more missionary involvement

National works split

Generational transfer – a plan of transition for another generation



Indignity: the indigenous church thinks for itself

Education around us is now in a state of rapid development


Infrastructure for education includes other universities, transfer of credits

Educational agreements, churches, doctrines, ideas that look for inclusion

Financial resources as in governmental aids, church scholarships,



Negative attitude toward Pentecostalism

Perceived as “The Establishment” by post-moderns

The “God is doing a new thing” attitude that leaves our structures behind

Controversial teachings that are being published for broader markets

The lack of “brand” loyalty.  There is no longer an adherence to our core values

Who are we signing agreements with?

Favoritism, Church politics


Plan of Action

ATAL    www.atalad.net

Communication and promotion

We are working toward certification/accreditation

Partnerships so students can go from secular education to theological seamlessly

Revision of curriculum is gaining emphasis


Recruiting and influencing