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Session based on the Plan Basico



A strong document with a strong history that has served for nearly 50 years

AGWM philosophy that encourages us, along with strong AG Doctrine

Good balance between Biblical and Ministerial

A growing presence of Latin American translators



The Plan Basico is getting old, out of step, too rigid, subjects are not relevant to today’s’ culture.

 A lack of availability of textbooks, books recommended by Plan Basico are out of print.



A common language and culture

Modern technology

Internet, on-demand printing

Faith-in-Action Series is being developed, approved for purchase with LFTL funding



The cost of books

Accreditation requirements

Government regulation and regional differences


Plan of Action

Maximize promotion of ATAL

Emphasis of spiritual formation

Renovation of curriculum, review of coursework

Explore local printing (or desktop on demand)

Promoteion among other schools


Plan Basico

It is a curriculum guideline that unifies educational efforts internationally

The Plan sets a minimum requirement standard for Spanish-speaking countries

It has strong Biblical theology

The main body of the Plan is ministerial training with suggested textbooks

It includes higher analytical thinking matched up with practical educational planning

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