Group Proposal for Applying Technology in Ministerial Education

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  1. Keep relevant, up to date, and cutting edge in our world.  We’re fighting the reputation of becoming old and outdated. 

  2. We must build bridges to the younger generation that will be technological.

  3. Our churches, even in Latin America, are becoming more technological.

  4. We want to be as effective as possible in our ministry of teaching and ministerial training.

  5. We must take advantage of all delivery systems to train the maximum number of harvesters.



  1. Include technology into the Plan Básico as an elective if it doesn’t fit into the basic pensum.  Future courses should include keyboarding, computer and media.  This proposal is a follow-up to a proposal made by Manuel Bello in February 2004 at the 5 Encuentro de Educadores.

  2. Develop a list of rated resource links for Bible School teachers and leaders related to:

    • Books, libraries
    • Teaching resources – maps, graphics, statistics, photos
    • Distance learning
    • Computer resources – freeware
  3. Appoint a commission to study and develop a basic web based system to enable a Bible School to offer certain courses of the Plan Básico.

  4. Appoint a commission to develop and maintain a video and audio library of the specialized Plan Básico courses, plus seminars and conferences (Bill McDonald would be an excellent resource person).

  5. Consider the possibility of using video and/or audio conferencing for use in a county’s educational program.

  6. Include technology as a topic in the Procepa teacher training program.