Seeking Spiritual Fervor and Academic Excellence

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May not be a perfect model that will fit each situation.

Academic excellence

          Technology we are way ahead.

          A big negative is the availability of text books.

          We have made great strides because of Facultad and ISUM.  The standard is a lot higher.  The caliber of student is higher.  Almost everyone is a high school graduate and there are many university students.

          Seeking government recognition has forced some schools to be tolerant of spiritist teaching.  No discrimination allowed.

          Some are seeing the Bible School degree as a short-cut to an accredited national degree.

          Sometimes we can go too far.

          Ignoring the Plan Basico in some cases.

          Politicized leadership is a major block.

          Emphasis on academics does not signify less dependence on God but there is a tension there.

          Unless you resist this tendency it will signify less dependence on God.  It’s the same human tendency.

          Education is seen as an enemy of the church when we compete with the local church.  The island is not an island or an entity unto itself.

          Some leaders don’t want anyone in their church to show them up:  “Why would I want someone in my church to be smarter than me?”

          In Brazil the first class was for ministers only, then the second class they opened it up to the general public.

          Many missionaries among the pioneers or other country missionaries were against education.

          Some of the first graduates were arrogant and that caused a backlash.

          Important to stay connected to the pastors including special sessions for them.

          Provide talleres with topics that the pastors are asking for.

          Raise the academic level of our teachers by sending them to ISUM and Facultad.

          “Great difference between our teachers that have gone to ISUM and those who haven’t.”

          Make books available to the teachers.

          Have periodicals and the daily paper

          Ask El Asesor to list new resources that are available.

          Require course plans.

          CRA to provide course plans on their website.

          Randall has his teaching outlines on the web.

          Scholarships based on academic excellence and ministerial


          Exposing the students to people of academic excellence.

          Taller on integrity.

          Help develop a conscience for intellectual integrity.

          In Bolivia credentials are tied to the educational process.

          Foment a Christian Education magazine that models good writing and research.

          Motivate the national leaders to be involved in continuing education.

          Make sure that it meets the felt need of leaders.

          Promote writing with academic excellence.  In Mexico they have their own publishing of Sunday School materials.

Spiritual Fervor

          Student accountability groups.

          Evaluation forms during and after the course session.

          Find our where the graduates are and what they are doing?

          Some countries demand the student plant a church before he can continue with the second year of training.

          Dependency on the Spirit alone can be a problem.

          Modeling of “both and” constantly.

          Make every effort for the students to be involved in practical ministry.

Spiritual Fervor        

“Be there”  is a crucial principle.

          Practical ministry promotes academic excellence.

          If Spirit-filled ministry is not modeled we will not promote passion.

          “Just do it” when the need comes up.  Pray for needs.

          Emphasis on the Bible as the main resource for our studies.

          Spiritual emphasis week. 

          Daily or weekly chapel.

          Corporate fasting and prayer twice a year.

          Missions emphasis week.  Missions day every week.

          Evangelism trips every month with up to forty students.

          Missions trips after graduation.

          Practical homework that foments application and spiritual fervor.

          Fasting and prayer for specific needs.

          Friday chapel dedicated to a day of prayer with requests written on the blackboard and prepare for weekend ministry.

          Invite ministers to share time or be interviewed by the seniors about to graduate.