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Missionary Educators’ Summit
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
August 16-17, 2004

Dialogue Worksheets
Group 4

Team Members:  Eugene Hunt, Facilitator; Dara Brannan, secretary; Rich Farthing; Gayle Grisbee; Nancy Grisbee; Patricia Kenney; Mark Kinney; Mitch Martinez; Ray Talley

Step 1: Definition (Describe the issue)

What is the issue, problem, concern, challenge, etc.? Summarize it in 25 words or less.

The Latin America and Caribbean Assemblies of God Bible Schools are often deficient in the area of training (plans) for professors and administrative personnel. How can we as missionaries serve the national leadership in bringing about both an immediate and long-term solution?

Step 2: Ideas (Brainstorming—use the back side if needed)

How can the issue be addressed, resolved, developed, etc.? This is a time for brainstorming. Avoid the temptation to evaluate or dismiss ideas during this step.

What is the problem?

  • Some have no training in teaching
  • Developing norms for teacher
  • Effectiveness of teachers
  • Teacher/student relationships
  • Is learning happening?
  • Evaluation
  • Anything can be improved
  • Teachers need to learn to accept the responsibility of that classroom
  • Certification – at each level
  • Lack of effective means of training, repairing, facilitating, empowering, and evaluating of professors and administrative personnel.
  • Teachers need supplies
  • Need new teachers
  • Some Bible Schools are run by nationals and some by missionaries requiring different approaches

Brainstorming of possible solutions:

  • Seminars
  • Job descriptions
  • Certification
  • Internal operations manual
  • Tap into resources of Christian schools in the area.
  • ICI training – can be used as a model
  • Teachers need supplies
  • Make education a track in the Bible school curriculum
  • Much of a missionary’s influence is behind the scene with individuals.
  • Brainstorming sessions w/ nationals – Educators’ Summit format
  • Once a year training/seminar
  • Teacher workshop before each trimester
  • Employee of the month
  • Teacher incentives
  • Teacher recognition
  • “Borrow” ideas from other organizations
  • The missionaries need to be catalyst
  • Get books to the teachers and administrators
  • Bibliography of books available in Spanish (teacher training)
  • Bible Schools opens workshop to other schools to attend
  • Missionary to attend ISUM personally
  • Packet for new professors - Include an operation manual
  • Bible School to model for other schools to follow
  • Teacher of the year
  • Pin to give to teachers who have attended a certification seminar
  • Join forces with LACC in the training and certification process
  • Focus on individuals who are gifted in teaching
  • Seminar on the gift of teaching
  • Identify individuals at the country level who are gifted in administration who can lead a seminar for administrators
  • Training sessions for administrators
  • Assign an individual at the country level to evaluate each school
  • Visitation team for every Bible School
  • ATAL or Sec to develop a course plan for administrators
  • TAR for administrators (Taller de Administración y Renovación)
  • TAR for teachers
  • Each country benefiting from SEC representation
  • Identify the strong educators (nationals) and take advantage of their gifts
  • Compile list of nationals and missionaries who can present a workshop or seminar
  • Are Bible Schools being recognized at the district level in their countries?
  • Seek out those who are called to teach
  • Missionary to cover the expenses for those who are gifted in teaching or the FF to help with the expenses to train teachers
  • Dealing with the “Warm Body Syndrome”:
    • Follow up interview
    • Interview students
  • File system - teachers leave a copy of their “plan de curso”
  • Teacher training:
    • Lesson planning
    • Writing objectives
    • Course syllabus
    • Leading discussion
    • Testing/evaluations
    • Learning styles in cultural context
    • Homework with purpose
    • Questioning techniques
    • Hands-on activities
    • Small group techniques
    • Audio/visual techniques (overheads/projectors, internet, etc.)
    • Hands-on training to motivate for Children’s ministries, street ministries, etc.
    • Practical applications
  • List of training for administrators/directors
    • Book on Bible School administration – seminar using new ISUM textbook
    • Evaluate teachers – ATAL
    • Orientation of the Plan Básico
    • Profile of the Ideal professor
    • Motivating teachers
    • Textbook selection
    • Formation of administrative team
    • Administrative principles
      • Time management
      • Financial administration
      • Class scheduling
      • Human relations
  • Use returning missionaries to teach in the Bible School

Step 3: Strategy (Plan of Action)

What steps need to be followed to resolve the issue?

  • Compile list of books in Spanish for immediate solution
  • Compile list of individuals and workshops for immediate solutions
  • Where a missionary is the director, implement plan for teacher-administrator training
  • Missionary serve as catalyst, facilitator, and model for the national Bible School leadership.
  • Missionary to conduct brainstorming session with national leadership.
  • Form committee of representatives from the Bible schools at the country level to focus on

What is the best way to proceed?

  • Pray for wisdom.
  • Seek input from the national leadership by conducting a brainstorming session.
  • Organizing an Educators’ Summit to focus on personnel training.

Are there pitfalls to be avoided?

  • Avoid the imperialistic attitude.
  • Avoid ostentatious approach to Bible School teacher /administrator training.
  • Avoid relying on missionary personnel for all training.
  • Maintain balance – avoid missionary dominance or abandonment in training.
  • Avoid relying on human ability. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to continue His work.

Step 4: Assignments (Leadership, Follow-up and Timetable)

Who can best provide leadership to further develop and implement the plan?

  1. SEC
  2. National Christian Education Department
  3. National Bible School Directors
  4. Support from the National Pastors – encouragement to attend the training.
  5. Missionaries involved in Bible Schools or Christian Education

Does it fall with the scope of an existing ministry, especially the educational structure of the national church (e.g. SEC)?

  • Included in the above question.

What should be the missionary involvement? How can the missionary best help?

  • The missionary involvement will depend on the role the missionary plays at the national level.
  • Being catalyst, a facilitator, and a motivator will go along way in bringing about the necessary change.
  • Having a servant’s heart is needed.
  • Begin with a non-directive approach.

What will be the schedule to implement the plan?

  • Prayer
  • Where missionaries are Bible School directors, move toward immediate implementation of teacher /administrator training.
  • Where nationals are directors, move toward a long-range goal of encouragement in the area of teacher/administrator training.