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As a missionary educator and facilitator for AG Bible School teachers throughout Latin America, I am thrilled to present the Faith and Action series textbooks and teacher´s guides at our workshops.  These courses are informational, self-contained and easily studied at the ministerial training level.  The design is simple, easy to follow, pastoral and “user-friendly”.  However, one must not underestimate the deliberate, skillfully crafted educational format used by Dr. McGhee that takes the student beyond rote learning to higher levels of analysis and critical thinking.  

One of its most essential assets is that it is geared specifically to adult education.  A Bible School teacher can be confident that the objectives laid out for each principle-based lesson will be reached.  The content will be explained and illustrated, and then evaluated through questions that lead the adult student through dialogue, discovery, application and practice of what they have learned.  The exams included in the teacher's guide will indeed test to see if the objectives have been reached.  

The Faith and Action series is such an excellent tool that the Assemblies of God Christian education association for Latin American (SEC) is recommending these courses as the official textbooks for the international ministerial level curriculum laid out in the Plan Básico for our 900 Bible Schools.

Local printing makes these books available at reasonable prices.  For example, Allen Martin in Ecuador prints quantities of ten books for $5.00 each.  Rocky Grams at IBRP in Buenos Aires prints these textbooks in quantities of 500 at $3.50 each.  He sells them to his students at $5 and outsiders at $7 to cover his costs and insure future printings.  Likewise, at a recent Guatemala Cumbre de Educadores, Brother Cristobal Montejo guided us to use a local printer.  Faith and Action printed 500 copies of one text at $3.00 each and sold to delegates at the summit meeting at $6.00 which enabled them to cover other costs such as misprints, coordination, stocking, warehousing and distribution.

Here are some of the many testimonies about Faith and Action books.

Judy Graner, Ph.D. Intercultural Studies, Editor for Educational Materials SEC
and Professor for Latin American Advanced School of Theology

“The Faith and Action series has struck the perfect balance between academic content and practical ministry application.  This is especially important for ministerial training offered in our Bible schools.  Making the books available electronically assists each country to find the most reasonable method of printing.  We are sure that the Faith and Action series will become an essential component in training the 27,000 students who are preparing for ministry in the Bible schools of Spanish-speaking Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Rod Boyd, Director, Bible School Resource and Advisory Center in Panama
Bible School Advisor for Christian Education Services for Latin America

“At last we have a dynamic text that promotes thoughtful reflection and that takes the student toward an effective learning process without losing the depth of the subject.”

Jorge Echazábal C. – National Director of Bible Schools Panama, Pastor and Professor

“I received the Life of Christ and Study on the Holy Spirit textbooks and they are excellent for Bible Schools and churches.” 

Mary Pastora Florex, Director of Bible School of Honduras in San Pedro Sula

“This is excellent material that, in preparing for my Bible Classes, has been a great blessing.  They have helped me to give better teaching and helped the students for better comprehension.”

Francisco Buono, Pastor, Regional President in Argentina, President of CADSA

“This is excellent material for its content and structure.  It fills a great void as texts for our Bible Schools.”

David Mateo Mora, National Director of Education
and member of Executive Committee of the Dominican Republic

“I have taught the book of Acts in my church using the Faith and Action text.  Personally it has given me a new perspective of Acts and the church has been blessed.  This is a practical study that can be applied to the present time.  The helps are of great value.”

Angel Lópel Martinez, Director of Christian Education for El Salvador

“This is material with an excellent content and the units are well planned.  Whoever uses it will gain much in order to teach others.”

Alvaro Rojas Sandi, Presbyter, Costa Rica

“The Caribbean School of Theology and Bible Institutes throughout the Caribbean/West Indies have been blessed to be able to use the Faith and Action courses being developed and written by Dr. Quentin McGhee and his  co-workers. These study materials are some of the finest resources we have found for the training of national church leaders, pastors and Christian workers.  Students and teachers alike have all given high praise when studying these practical, life-changing studies.  Thanks.”

Lewis G. McCown, President, The Caribbean School of Theology

“Hello, I am Edgardo Muñoz, President  of the  National Dept. of Christian Education of the Assemblies of God in Argentina. For some 15 years we have been working with the Commission of Christian Education on behalf of the quality of the workers and future ministers of our organization. Each day we get better and achieve many advances. However, we always struggle with the same problems, the textbooks. Many of the subjects we teach do not have the adequate textbooks because the publishers have stopped printing them, in some cases the cost is so high that puts them out of reach of the students’ pocket book. In other cases we have to go to textbooks of publishers that are not Pentecostal. And that also presents difficulties in the preparation of the servants in the Lord’s work. Thanks to the ministry of Faith and Action, these barriers have been eliminated and now we have books of excellent quality, high erudition, Pentecostal theology, very economical, within reach of the students’ pocket.  And not only this, books that thanks to the production in each country are never out of print and are available  We thank God for F&A’s ministry which allows the students to have the best preparation, at the best level for a better ministry.”

Edgardo Muñoz, Director of Christian Education for Argentina